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Advanced Woodcarvers Award Winners for 2008 Show

Wood Burning Wood Carving of a rabbit
Roush, John 1st Place
Allison, Kar 1st Place
wood Burning of a Covered Bridge wood Burning of a Cat
Bean, Donna 1st Place
Dewald, Bill 1st Place
Wood Carving of a man wood Carving of a Viken
Lavigne, John 1st Place
Lavigne, John 1st Place
Wood Carvong of a manitee Wood Carvong of a Catchers Baseball Mitts
Hornor, Jerry 1st Place
Machen, John 1st Place
Wood Carvong of a Bird Wood Carvong of a man
Longe, June 1st Place
Lutz, Joe 1st Place
Wood Carvong of a relief Chip Carving of a matt
Pelachik, John 1st Place
Pelachik, Linda 1st Place
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