Suncoast Woodcarvers Club Meeting

May 13, 2014 minutes


President Bill Briggs opened the meeting at 10:15, and April minutes were accepted. There was no Treasurer’s report as the Treasurer is out of town.


Tuesday morning Summer Carving Schedule: Because of the Rec Center’s summer camps, starting Tuesday, June 3, the carving sessions will be 8:30-11am for $2/person. During the school year people can begin setting up at 8:30 and carve til noon for $3/person. The fee includes room cost and refreshments. People who are not members may carve on Tuesday mornings. Please consider inviting a friend. The first time is free.


Parking Issues during Pow Wow: During the week of the Pow Wow parking at the Rec Center was closed, and people were re-directed to the SPC lot. Bill got administration to run golf carts to SPC. The discussion continues as the administration was not satisfied with the decision requiring off-site parking.


2015 Suncoast Wood Carving Show: January 17-18, 2015

The dates have been set, and the planning has begun. The venue is the Seminole Rec Center. Two of the best ways to insure that it is a success and foster this folk art are:

1.       Enter carvings in the show and

2.       Encourage family, friends, and neighbors to attend.

There are many opportunities to assist in other ways, including set-up on Friday, January 16. Tentative plans for the Show include: A Give Away EVERY Hour; a walking cane with blocks carved by members; and instructions/demonstrations. Anyone interested in giving a demonstration is asked to contact one of the Board Members.


Helpful Tips:  Joe Kane

Softening wood and other tips  If wood is too hard to carve, soak it in water a few hours. Another option is a solution of half water and half rubbing alcohol. Many members keep a spray bottle of the mixture in their tool bag. Several uses for brake cleaner: The best way to clean plexiglas is to use brake cleaner and then wipe with a clean cloth, not a paper towel. For locks, spray brake cleaner into it. After it evaporates, spray the lock with a lubricant. W-D 40 isn’t recommended because it contains 6% water and might cause rusting. W-D 40 is good for bee stings. Also, use 2-3 drops for small windshield cracks.

Death of Long Time Member

Ed Easterwood, May 2     

Karl Allison brought a card for his widow that the members signed. He also included a personal note to her. Karl mentioned that Ed readily shared his ideas and expertise. One of his last memories of Ed was the class he gave on carving an Indian head. (Ed is in center of front row.) Recognize a few others?




On-Site Club Resources: Everyone was reminded of the many resources that are indexed and stored in the meeting room cabinets for people to “check out”—DVDs, CDs, Books magazines, and countless pattern sheets. For those items with a “check out” card, please sing and date it and place in index size card box. Glenn Fry copied much material from VCR tapes onto CDs. However, there are some remaining VCR tapes. Anyone wanting them for keeps can get them on a Tuesday morning.


Updated 2014 Club Roster: The pictorial directory has been delayed, and a roster with names and contact information is being emailed with this newsletter as a separate attachment.



New member David Gurney was welcomed to the club and asked to draw the winner’s name: Bob Ingersoll, who donated the entire amount, $17 to the club.


The next meeting will be 10am, Tuesday, September 9.  The meeting was adjourned at 10:40


Helpful Web Sites when carving faces (from Bill Sheehan)

1.       Printed tutorial about carving faces:

Face Study on Triangle Block


2.       Printed tutorial about eye carving:

ABCs of Face Carving


3.       Printed tutorial of face/eye study:

Rule of 3 Facial Proportions

More Helpful Hints submitted by Bill Sheehan

Need a good wood filler? Use baking soda. Just fill in the crack or hole and add a drop or two of super glue. You can carve and paint it when it hardens.  Want to seal your carving? Matte spray can be used to seal your carvings before painting and after painting. Spraying on after painting will protect the paint when the carving is handled and will preserve the colors for years to come. Matte spray will not leave a shiny finish and dries quickly.

Need To Remove Dry Acrylic Paint From Brushes? Soak in rubbing alcohol and rub to remove paint. To remove dry paint from clothes, saturate with the alcohol and then scrape to remove the paint. Do not try to wipe the paint when wet. You will bury it in the fabric. (Pat Moore)


For Sale

Tools for “Fools”

If you are looking for a tool, Dick Gage has used ones that he acquires and sells very reasonably.

Wood rough outs: Dick has made some rough outs for sale


Heritage Village Appreciates Woodcarver Volunteers

For years each Thursday Bill DeWald and others have carved in the Demonstration pavilion beginning at 10am. At other times during the week a few carvers sit in a rocker on the McMullen-Coachman Log Cabin demonstrating this folk art.   I (Glad McCurtain) sit there on Wednesday mornings 10am-1pm. The staff has furnished me with information on this cabin that was once owned by these prominent families in Pinellas County’s history. As people come I welcome them, and sometimes share a little of this bit of Florida’s history for a few minutes. Others times I might not. This is not a pre-requisite to carve on the porch.  It is fun to meet visitors from all over the world including parts of Europe, Australia, Hong Kong, and yes, our Unites States and Canadian neighbors. Anyone considering this way to carve and serve the community at the same time, please check with Bill or Glad.


Can you put these pieces together to look like…This?


Dave Johnson will have some puzzles soon for you to try                                            Does this young man look 86?

                                  Happy Birthday, Jervy!!

Mark Daley, who splits his time between New Jersey and Pinellas, has won top honors at Harve De Grace Wildlife Decoy and Art Show.

2014 Club Officers

President - Bill Briggs,

Vice President - Ron Golly,

Treasurer - Chuck Harrison,

 Secretary – Glad McCurtain,

Directors: Joe Lutz, John Roush