March 15, 2014



2014 Club Officers

President - Bill Briggs, briggs4@tampabay.rr.com

Vice President - Ron Golly

Treasurer - Chuck Harrison

Secretary – Glad McCurtain, gladmccurtain@gmail.com

Directors: Joe Lutz, John Roush

Next Club Meeting, Tuesday, April 8, 10am (Meetings Sept-May)

(Tuesday, March 10, as Pres. Begins meeting)


Thank You to Former Long-time Officer

Many thanks to Bill Dewald who has served many years in the club’s leadership, holding most of the positions. And thanks to his daughter Jan Hytrek, who  formatted and emailed the monthly CHIPS newsletter, maintained the membership list, and updated the dues electronically. In the future our President Bill Briggs’ email address, briggs4@tampabay.rr.com, will be used for our club’s email contact. The previous Club email address (Suncoast_Woodcarvers@comcast.net) has been de-activated. It was a sub-account of Bill Dewald's daughter's personal account.


Welcome New Members

Martin Cummings, Largo winter resident (Canada)

Murray Potts, winter resident of Largo (Canada)

Bill Sheehan, Largo

Club’s Purpose:

To promote an interest in and an appreciation for wood carving and develop a high standard of craftsmanship. The Club accomplishes this through:

 Brief monthly meetings the 2nd Tuesday of the month (Spet-May)during the weekly caring times

Weekly Tuesday morning workshops/carving times where people assist one another

Annual Woodcarving Show, usually help in January

Volunteer carving in the larger community such as Heritage Village and state fair


Weekly Tuesday Club Carving Times

During the rest of the school year, the club has access to the craft room upstairs at the Seminole Rec Center, 9100 113th St. N., Seminole, FL 33772.  It begins at 8:30 for setup and 9-noon to carve. When the school year ends, the time will revert to 8:30-11am for the summer. During winter months we have had as many as 50+ people carving on Tuesday mornings at the Seminole Rec Center. There is fellowship, refreshments, wonderful sharing of carving tips and skills.


Trial Basis Newsletter Columns

In past years the Club newsletter has contained following columns in some variety. Members are asked to submit materials for them. This is an excellent way to share knowledge and help one another.

1.       Featured Web Site—a web site will be featured.  Please consider the web sites that have either been helpful to you or would be helpful to others. Please remember that the Club has all levels of carvers. Email the web site to me (gladmccurtain@gmail.com) and your reasons for picking it. Each month we will feature a site.

2.       Carving Tip of the Month

3.       Buy/Sell column—if anyone has wood carving related item to sell or wants to purchase an item, he/she can list it in the newsletter for 2 months. Please email Glad McCurtain and include contact information. Please be brief and specific.


Club Name Tags

Everyone is encouraged to wear a name tag on Tuesday mornings, preferably ones that are carved. This is helpful for everyone.  If anyone needs a wooden shape for a name tag starter, Carl Smith has made some and put them in the file cabinet.




Thank you to winter residents Carl and Barb Smith who pick up food each week for the Tuesday workshops.




March 10, 2014 Club Minutes

President Bill Briggs called the meeting to order at 9:55. February minutes were accepted. Treasurer reported that as of March 4, 2014,the club had a balance of $6738.36. Some bills from the annual woodcarving show in January are still outstanding.


New Business

Bill Briggs announced 2014 Officers and Board member. He informed the club of the death of founding member Bill Farris, who died in August, and Bill learned of it recently. Glenn Fry’s “Bus Stop Scene” in caricature  won 1st Place in the State Fair.


Old Business

Annual Woodcarving Show: There was lengthy discuss on the annual woodcarving show. It was noted that attendance was down as were the number of vendors, one whose health precluded him from coming. Discussion focused on the most effective way to advertise, increase the number of vendors and attendees.  Several people who procure vendors and who other handle other aspects of the event are already working with Joe Lutz, who has oversight of the show. The club is looking for demonstrators and instructors. Anyone wanting to assist with the planning of the show is asked to contact Joe Lutz.


Bill reminded the club that Nick Stella takes care of changing the carved items in the display case downstairs in the Rec Center. He asked members to provide pieces of their work, which will be returned to them after being on display. There was no news from the Tampa club.


Show ‘N Tell

Carl Smith explained that he uses fine grit steel wool on wood where there remain tracing marks from using graphite or carbon paper. He also explained that since super glue has a life span of 7 years, he mixes it with white glue to ensure a long lasting bond.


Don Moore explained that an effective way to soften heard wood is to put it under running warm tap water, leave it wet, put it in a plastic bag overnight in the refrigerator (not the freezer)



Winner George Montour won $32. The meeting was adjourned at 10:25.


Featured Web Site


A variety of resources by and for woodcarvers,  owned by Matt Kelley, a friend of Pete LeClair. He came to the local Round Up in January. It provides free resources for many skill levels. Click “New Carver” and find tips for the person who is a “newbie” to carving. http://carverscompanion.com/ccwom/59-2/


Going to http://carverscompanion.com/Ezine/BackIssues.html  uncovers back issues of ezine where Pete LeClair patterns can be found.


Tip of the Month by Joe Kane
To test if a knife is sharp ! See if it cuts hair on fore arm (blade almost flat to skin) or hold end of knife handle with finger tips of one hand and rest blade on center of other hands thumb nail which is pointing down on flat surface while  at about 45 degrees.  If it sticks ,it's sharp- if it slides down it's not sharp enough.
     2. Once the blade is sharp - It can be kept sharp by using a leather strop or cloth wheel with rouge.
     3.  If you need to remove a small nick in the blade -use fine sand paper like 3M (wet or dry) 1200 grit. Some nicks might require a more coarse grit.




Glenn Fry 12” Craftsman Table Saw $250 or best offer;  Dust Collector System $125 (or best offer)

Libushe Zorin has FREE wood available at her home 270 4th St. NW, Largo  afternoons 3-5pm


Pictures From Tuesday Morning

Relief                                                                                    Chip Carving

Love Spoon