JANUARY 31, 2014



January 14, 2014

Seminole Recreation Center

This issue of CHIPS will briefly report on the subject business meeting and provide information on the Annual Woodcarving Show conducted on January 18-19, 2014.


The meeting was held on January 14, 2014 during Tuesday morning Workshop.  It was focused on the readiness for the Show.  Acceptance of the minutes of the December Meeting and the Treasurer's Report was obtained.  Show Chairman Joe Lutz took over discussions of the status of preparations, identifying the events and their timing, such as registration of entries, payment of dues and fees, table setup and the usual call for help during these events.  Again, tables and chairs were provided by the Rec. Center along with personnel to set up and take down.  John Roush covered the registration and processing of entries in more detail, including the fact that he and Bob Ingersoll would take pictures of the entries before they were released to the judging tables.  The judge of competition is to be John Houghton the morning of Saturday, January 18.


During Show and Tell, two members who were at the Punta Gorda Show the previous weekend



noted that they lacked some of the vendors from the show when held  in Fort Myers, but it was a well attended and a good show.


Friday, January 17, 2014

At the end of the day, 32 members had entered items in the Judged Competition and People's Choice Competition.  Registration went smoothly from 9AM to 4PM.  The tables were erected and placed according to Joe's plan and the volunteers added the skirting and covering.  Chairs were distributed and members were free to set up their displays.  Photos were taken of all pieces by John Roush and Bob Ingersoll after processing by John and Holly Roush and collection of entry fees, membership dues, and table fees by Bill Dewald and Judy Wolf.  The All Purpose Room was locked and Joe and Nick Stella provided security until the Rec. Center locked down at 9PM.


Saturday, January 18, 2014

There were no further entries on Saturday morning and Judging started at about 8:30AM, with John and Holly assisting the judge.  Judging was completed by 10AM, at which time ticket sales at the door began.  All activities were then in the All Purpose Room except for the wood vendor, Mr. and Mrs. Wilcox.  With the entry ticket, a ballot for People's Choice was given and later tallied by Barb and Carl Smith.  During the day, tickets were sold for the friendship cane, which consisted of carved or woodburned blocks on a threaded rod, capped by a black retriever head and a turned cherry foot.  Ticket buyers had an opportunity to win a gift certificate worth $100 and gift donations from vendors and magazines were on display to be distributed to members. 


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ticket sales again opened at 10AM and several demonstrations were given in the side rooms.  Attendance slacked by the afternoon, and about 3PM, ticket sales were halted and the People's Choice ballots were totaled.  The People's Choice Competition was run by Carl and Barb Smith.



The People's Choice Winners are:


Novice and People's Choice Plaque: 

John Roush - Intarsia Pelican



Barb Smith - Tinted Woodburning



Walt Walsek - Grouse (#27 at right)



Karl Allison - Christ on the Cross (#44 at right)



The winner of the $100 gift certificate was non-member Ed Mosakowski. 


The Friendship Cane was won by Nick Stella.  The cane included 2 of his chip carved blocks.

Friendship Cane


Pix from the People's Choice Competition





Other Important Activities

Club Officers are elected to their positions annually, following the Annual Show.  Voting on the slate of officers is set to occur at the February Business Meeting on Tuesday, February 11, 2014 during the regular carving Workshop. 


The Slate of Officers is:


President - Bill Briggs

Vice President - Ron Golly

Treasurer - Chuck Harrison

Secretary - Open


Nominations may be made from the floor at the meeting.



The Florida Carving Roundup is being held at the Long Center in Clearwater from February 4 - 7,  2014.  Pre-registrations are closed, but walk-ons are accepted.


The Club has been selected to man the Carving Display area at the Florida State Fair and to demonstrate woodcarving on Wednesday February 12th.  See Joe Lutz for further information.


Thanks to Joe Lutz for directing another successful Show. Thanks also to all of the Club members who volunteered for the event and to the staff of the Seminole Rec. Center for its assistance.


Bill Dewald, Secretary










Pix from the Judged Competition


                        David Johnson

                        Holly Roush


                        Jack Simpson


                        Ken Beek

                        Nancy Intini

                        Michel Samson


                        Randy Janowiak


                        Virgil Hanneman



Judged Competition Award Winners 2014 Show




1st Place (Blue)

Name                                      Type                           Piece

Ron Golly                               Bird                             Egret w/snake

Ron Golly                               Marine life                   Manatee

Ron Golly                               Caric. Animal              Chipmunk

Nancy Intini                            Relief                          Venice Canal

Charlene Powers                     Myth                           Santa

Ron Golly                               Misc.                           Walking Stick

Mary Dunkin                           Misc.                           Cottonwood House

Terry Powroznyk                    Misc.                           Work Shoe

* David Johnson                     Intarsia                                    Robin on Branch

David Johnson                                    Human                                    Hobo

Bill Douglas                            Caric. Human              Cowboy

Chuck Harrison                       Chip                            Small Box

* Best of Level


2nd Place (Red)

Bill Douglas                            Human                                    Cowboy

Doug Johnson                         Caric.                           Ship Captain

Charlene Powers                     Relief                          Horse Head

Chuck Harrison                       Pyro                             Horse Head

Mary Dunkin                           Misc.                           Burl Bowl


 3rd Place (White)

Mary Dunkin                           Caric.                           Fisherman

Dale Kregness                         Relief                          Mountain Scene

Mary Dunkin                           Misc.                           Spoon


Honorable Mention (Yellow)

Bob Ingersoll                          Relief                          Tall Ship

Mary Dunkin                           Misc.                           Leaf Vase




1st Place (Blue)

Name                                      Type                           Piece

Michel Samson                        Bird/song                    Blue Jay

*Michel Samson                      Bird/game                   Mallard

Jack Simpson                          Animal                                    Giraffe

Terry Powroznyk                    Misc.                           Rose on Driftwood

Richard Gage                          Walking Stick             Wood Spirit

Bob Ingersoll                          Chip                            Box

Philip Moldenhauer                 Marine Life                 Narwhale

Jervy Paluta                             Bird/shore                   Stylized Gull

Barb Smith                              Pyro                             Puppy

Linda Bailey                           Bark                            House

Richard Gage                          Caric.                           Wood Carver

Michel Samson                        Relief                          Lion King

*Best of Level


2nd Place (Red)

Michel Samson                       Bird/game                   Blue Wing Teal

Paul Marohn                            Misc                            Bird of Prey

Richard Gage                          Walking Stick             Short Gator

Linda Bailey                           Pyro                             Woodpecker

Paul Marohn                            Caric.                           Gnomes


3rd Place (White)

Michel Samson                        Bird/game                   Wood Duck

Len Ondick                             Relief                          Fishing Hole

Richard Gage                          Walking Stick             Long Gator

Linda Bailey                           Pyro                             Turkey


Honorable Mention (Yellow)

Len Ondick                             Relief                          Warriors

Jervy Paluta                             Walking Stick


*Best of Level




1st Place (Blue)

Name                                      Type                           Piece

Karl Allison                             Animal/Wildlife          Sleeping Wolf

John Roush                             Relief                          Tall Ship

Walt Walsek                            Caric./Animal              Hobby Horse

Joe Kane                                 Misc.                           Totem Pole

* **Randy Janowiak              Fish/game                    Sailfish

Holly Roush                            Chip                            Box

June Longe                              Bird                             Tern

John Roush                             Pyro                             Lighthouse on Canvas

Karl Allison                             Bark                            House

Virgil Hanneman                     Turning Bowl


2nd Place (Red)

Karl Allison                             Animal/Wildlife          Cougar

John Roush                             Relief                          Wolf  Head

Ken Beek                                Fish/game                    Walleye

Nick Stella                              Chip                            Vase

Ken Beek                                Bird                             Loon

Holly Roush                            Pyro                             Cardinal


3rd Place (White)

Carl Smith                               Animal/Wildlife          Armadillo

John Machen                           Relief                          Cowboys

Jerry Moore                             Fish/game                    Jumping for life

Holly Roush                            Chip                            Round Box

Ken Beek                                Bird                             Baffle Head

Holly Roush                            Pyro                             Owl


Honorable Mention (Yellow)

Carl Smith                               Relief                          Leaf

Walt Walsek                            Fish

Jervy Paluta                             Bird                             Stylized Egret


* Best of Level

** Best of Show



1st Place (Blue)

Name                                      Type                           Piece

Len Ondick                             Relief                          Still Life

Holly Roush                            Pyro                             Cat Window

Karl Allison                             Animal/Wildlife          Standing Wolf

Walt Walsek                            Walking Stick

* Virgil Hanneman                  Turning                        Segregated Bowl

Joe Kane                                 Human/Realistic          Indian Princess

Nick Stella                              Chip                            Vase


* Best of Level


2nd Place (Red)

John Roush                             Relief                          Twin Wolves

John Roush                             Pyro                             Sailing Ship

Holly Roush                            Chip                            Clock


3rd Place (White)

Carl Smith                               Relief                          Moose Head

John Roush                             Pyro                             Split Rock Lighthouse

Holly Roush                            Chip                            Box


Honorable Mention (Yellow)

Holly Roush                            Chip                            Plate