April 19, 2014



2014 Club Officers

President - Bill Briggs, briggs4@tampabay.rr.com

Vice President - Ron Golly

Treasurer - Chuck Harrison

Secretary – Glad McCurtain, gladmccurtain@gmail.com

Directors: Joe Lutz, John Roush

Next Meeting, Tuesday, May 13, 10am

Tues. Carving: 8:30-Noon thru May


Lifetime club membership

presented to Bill Dewald for service

Minutes of April 8, 2014 Meeting

Meeting was called to order by President Bill Briggs at 10:00 AM



Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as published

Treasurer Chuck Harrison reported $7028.64 in club checking account

Domain name for the club’s website was paid for nine years

Registration with state as a non-profit was paid.


Old Business – none; New Business – none


Announcements from Carrolwood Club

Jack Simpson announced that the club would holding a show in the near future. Date TBA.

The Club held an open house with demos in the front lobby of the Carrolwood Center. Several new members were added as a result. The club is also setting up a website.


Show and Tell

Carl Smith showed a cane with a snake and mouse carved in Maple.

John Henderson showed a spoon carved with a box cage handle containing  clay marbles belonging to his father.


50/50 was won by Ron Golly who donated the $27 to the club.


Tribute to Bill Dewald
John Roush presented a plaque containing the following tribute to Bill Dewald in appreciation of his long and meritorious service to the club.
Everyone enjoyed cake afterwards.


The Suncoast Wood Carvers of Pinellas County, Florida

In grateful appreciation and heart felt thanks for the many years of service to the club as an officer, booster, instructor, helper and ambassador of good will do hereby appoint

William Dewald

a life member of the  Suncoast Wood Carvers with all privileges attended thereof


Good-bye to Northerners

The northern migration has begun. By now, mid-April, many of our winter “snowbird” residents have either headed for the north or are preparing to  leave soon. It’s always wonderful when winter folks are here—especially the camaraderie, experiences and the carving tips that are shared. Those of us who live in the Tampa bay area year round wish them safe journey and a great summer. We hope you will “stay in touch” and share any news, pictures,  or carving tips via email.


The club is in the process of compiling a pictorial directory. In the meantime, members will receive a membership list later in April.


Congrats to Show Winner Mark Daly              

Mark won 1st Place in the 6th Annual Indian Rocks Beach Art Show, “Beauty on the Beach.” The contestants  were judged on their collection of carvings of water fowl.  Mark is noted for his decoys, which he shows and sells around the country.









April’s Featured Web Site


This web site has several  resources helpful to new and longtime carvers alike. Our web master has posted the following article from  that club:  “Levels of Skill Development in Woodcarving.”


Other links include safety and sharpening tips as well as beginner patterns. The club will host their 34th annual woodcarving show and sale, May 4 & 5, Baxter County Fairgrounds, Mountain Home, AR.


Help for Beginners (& possibly Old Timers, too)

There are always new carvers joining Suncoast Woodcarvers. The following are tips for beginners (however, long time carvers might find some of the information useful as well)

Help for beginners: Beginner Kit, Safety, Sharpening, Tools (http://www.woodcarvers.com/beg.htm)

The above comes from Smokey Mountain Woodcarvers in Townsend TN



Karl Allison Shares Thoughts on Carving

Most people at the Tuesday morning woodcarving sessions know Karl Allison as the man who makes great knives and is an “expert” at sharpening them. People seek his advice from the types of tools to use to the kinds of cuts to make in wood. Karl is an excellent carver and has won many competitions.


When asked how he began carving, Karl tells this story. When he was in grades 6-8 he worked as a shoe shine boy in a barbershop where he fashioned crude tools and learned to sharpen a knife with a leather strop. Boy Scouts taught him simple carving such as a kerchief holder. He began carving a chess set out of a broom handle. Karl said, “I knew I wanted to carve someday.”  Family and career were his primary focus until he retired. In 1997 a friend from Orlando sent him a poem about carving, and Karl laughed to himself, “I can do that.” He began taking lessons and has been carving ever since. His favorite things to carve are characters—mountain men, cowboys, Native Americans. Many people, including club members, have knives and other tools that Karl has made. He answered a question regarding the reason he enjoys doing that, “Every knife that I make, I make thinking that I will use it. I love creating the knives. I cut the metal, temper it, make the handle and then polish and shine it.” (And he is pleased when people enjoy using a knife he makes).           Attached is a poem written by Karl Allison


Karl shared a few tips that have been helpful to him especially as he began carving:


  1. Take lessons
  2. Subscribe to a carving magazines, which can lead people to books and patterns that help people decide the type of carving they enjoy.
  3. Join a carving club such as Suncoast Woodcarvers









Club Tip of the Month
To lengthen the life of sandpaper and prevent tearing, place duct tape on the back side of the sandpaper, then cut sandpaper to the lengths/widths desired. Submitted by Bill Sheehan


Mark Your Calendar: 2015 Florida Woodcarver’s Roundup Feb 3-6

Each year the City of Clearwater sponsors this event at the Long Center, 1501 N. Belcher Rd. The purpose of a roundup is to expose all level of local carvers to many types of carving classes. Beginners to more advanced (artists) carvers come together in a relaxed atmosphere of fun/learning, with quality instructors from all over the country at a  reasonable cost. Students learn by doing, each at his/her own pace, with time for teacher’s guidance.


Class descriptions have not been “firmed up,” says Roundup organizer Jim O’Dea. Pre-registration forms will be available November 1. However, the web site currently provides some information and previous class descriptions: http://webspace.webring.com/people/qj/jeodea/


While the Roundup isn't an official Suncoast Woodcarvers event, it gave our club much exposure  and brought new members into the club. The club has as one of its goals to promote woodcarving. And this event is one the best ways to do that locally. While “Walk-ins” are welcome, people are encouraged to pre-register in order to get the class they want. Also, it gives the instructors an idea of the numbers of students. At the 2014 Roundup, some  teaching carvers and vendors cancelled because their classes didn’t have enough people registered beforehand.


Pictures from Tuesday mornings


Bark Carving