DECEMBER 20, 2011




The holiday season is upon us and once again it is time to get ready for family, friends, and THE ANNUAL SUNCOAST WOODCARVERS SHOW, which will be Saturday, January 14 and Sunday, January 15, 2012.  Please get your tables for the Show and carve a cane segment for the Friendship Cane.  We are looking for demonstrators, door prizes, and volunteers for set-up, take-down, and help at the Show. 


On behalf of myself and all the officers, have a very Happy Holiday Season and a safe New Year.


Alan Anderson



December 8, 2011

Seminole Recreation Center


President Alan Anderson opened the meeting with agreement to accept the minutes of the November meeting, without comment.  He announced the results of the report by Treasurer Greta Murphy and made available a copy for review.



Alan noted that the Board has been meeting informally after Workshop every two weeks to assess preparations for the January, 2012 Show.  He noted that Show Chairman Joe Lutz has ordered the tables.  Actions taken to advertise the Show included placement of an ad in the local free papers (Seminole Beacon, etc.), a request to Channels 9 and 10 to include the Show info in their weekend listing, and an order for signage to be painted on the trailer announcing the Show.  Sheets that announce the Show will be available for posting on bulletin boards, wherever.  Alan will provide copies to Woodcraft Supply for posting.  The Club website includes information on the Show and links to those companies who have contributed items in support of the Show.


Vice President Bill Briggs noted the need for additional volunteers to demonstrate carving.  Also, only 8 blocks have been submitted for the Friendship cane.


Food service will be supplied by the soccer moms, as in the past.


Alan commented on the current status of the Club website and complimented the Webmaster, Richard Samay.  He also noted that the link to the Roundup is on our Website.



There was a question from the floor on the progression through the carving levels such as Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Open for the Show.  It was thought that the definition resided in the Club By-Laws.  Review of the By-Laws shows that the subject is not addressed. 


Rather, the rules for advancement in level are covered in the Show Rules, which were enacted in February/March, 2008.  The question posed in the meeting related to competing in different Art Forms (Carvings, Chip Carving, Pyrography, Wood Turning, Intarsia).  The issue in question was referred to in the meeting as the "Donna Bean Rule", which indicates that if someone is just starting to learn a new Art Form, they can compete at the Novice level in the new Art Form even if they have competed at a higher level in other Art Forms.  This would allow someone who is new to pyrography, for instance, to compete as a Novice in that Art Form even if he/she had competed in the Advanced category in a different Art Form, like carving. 


This issue was covered in a somewhat oblique manner under B., Art Forms: 3 in the 2008 revision of the Show Rules.  However, that issue and several others relating to fees and show hours needed to be updated or clarified, so a revised edition of the Show Rules was submitted to The Board on Dec. 20, 2011.  It was approved the same day. 


Another issue raised in the meeting was the length of time carvings should be on display in the Club case in the lobby of the Rec. Center.  To answer this question, Nick Stella accepted responsibility for management of its display.



Joe Kane’s Bag of Tricks

Joe discussed how commonly available items, such as spring clips and hemostats can act as a third hand during carving, assembly, and repair.



Walt Walsek showed a one piece carving of a rising fish with add-on water spray.  The carving was finished natural with the epoxy produced by pouring on water and lifting it off to cure.


Terry Powroznyk, a third year carver, displayed a red cedar whale tail, finished in boiled linseed oil and Deft spray, an eagle/Indian composite with the same finish, a walnut leaf (ginko) cheese spreaders with intact bark on the handle of barberry.


Dave Watson gave a detailed presentation that included samples of petrified wood in several forms and stones.  The tools used were described, including both rotary and vibrating platforms and the grits, from 60 to 14,000.  How petrified wood and stones are held during the process of shaping and polishing was particularly novel.  A material (called wax) joined the workpiece to a dowel and when completed, the piece is placed in the freezer for 15 minutes and the workpiece separates from the dowel.  The items described were circulated to the members.



The challenge for December was to carve holiday ornaments.


Alan Anderson showed a partially painted ornament, with Santa on one side and a Christmas tree on the other.





Bill Dewald showed small ornaments made over the years for decorating small trees.  Included were a jockey and pilot, a dog, and boys and girls in cherry in profile.  He suggested that you not carve cherry because it's too hard to yield to hand tools.


The following photos of holiday carvings were sent by Jack Simpson of the Tampa affiliate.


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In November, Ed Livingston gave a presentation on whittling and carving to his daughter-in-law's 5th grade class at Blanton Elementary School in conjunction with the Pinellas County School System's "Great American Teach In".  He also held a drawing for some of his carvings. 


C:\Users\B&A2011\Documents\Suncoast Woodcarvers from Hytrek computer\2011-12 CHIPS\Ed Livingston CarvingClass2.JPG


The kids sent thank you notes that sound like they had a great time.  Here are some samples (shown as received without correction).


…..“Your presentation was awesome, & even if I wasn’t picked I still think you were great, I’m actually thinking to start carving my self & you inspired me”….. “Thank you for the bear…Maybe you can be in a museum one day!”…Please come again….You called number 13 You gave me the 1st bear which I named Yogi bear”…. “It was cool. I like the presentation.”…. “Thank you for coming and giving some people your carving wood…thank you for the penguin”….Thank you for coming I had fun”….”I love how you have the passion that you love the hand carving!”…. “I’m going to ask my parents for safety equipment and I’m going to start on a bar of soap. Some day I’m going to make stuff out of wood too.”…”My favorite part was when you gave stuff away it was very nice.”… “The gifts you gave us were awesome so is your hobby.” “Thank you for the presentation of woodcarving. And I hope you don’t cut yourself again.”…. “”and now I know about wood carving and it’s kind a dangerous but I like how you made everything nice and perfect.”… Thank you for taking time off of your schedule to come to our school”…. “I think that it is rilley cool.”… I never knew there was a thing called wood carving.”.... “Sincerely by (name) p.s. your daughter in laws best student” … “Thank you for showing us you wood art you are the best”… “Thanks for taking time out of your carving schedule to talk about what you do. I bet everything else you carve is way more cooler.” ….



The Annual Suncoast Woodcarvers Show will be from 10-4 on Saturday, January 14 and Sunday, January 15, 2012.


If you haven't reserved or paid for your tables yet, the fee is $12/table.  Fees can be paid to Club Treasurer Greta Murphy.


Show Competitions are for Club members only (those who have paid the Club dues for the year of the Show).  Club Secretary Bill Dewald is still collecting the $15 dues (cash or check made out to Suncoast Woodcarvers).  At present, only about half of the members have paid their 2012 dues. 


Members must show their 2012 membership card and their completed registration form when registering for the Show Competitions (Judged and People's Choice). Registration will be between 9AM and 5PM on Friday, January 13, 2012 (or at the very latest, at 8-8:30AM on Saturday, January 14, 2012).  Judging will begin at 9AM on Saturday.


Copies of the Show Rules and the 2012 Registration Form are included in this mailing.


Tables that have been rented for the Show will be delivered to the Rec. Center and will be setup by volunteers on the morning of Friday, January 13, 2012, and they're generally ready for those who have rented them by early afternoon.



The Florida Woodcarvers Roundup will be at the Long Center in Clearwater from Tuesday, March 20 – Friday, March 23, 2012.  Check their website for more details and updates.
Course registration will begin in December.



The next Business Meeting is at 7 PM on January 10, 2012  at the Seminole Rec. Center. 

We’ll discuss the final arrangements for the Annual Show.


If you have any changes in your contact information (street address, email address, or phone number), please call Bill Dewald at 727-595-7542 or send updates by email to:  


The meeting was adjourned.

Bill Dewald, Secretary