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Joe K's Tips and More
1. To clean leather strop-- Usually we have at least one carving knife that has a good 90 degree angle on non cutting edge. Hold the strop vertically on a piece of paper. Place the non cutting edge at the top of the leather and move it down the strop to remove the debris.Keep doing this until debris stops falling from leather. Add new compound and your ready to sharpen your knives again.

2. Carry a small First aid kit or a the very least Keep a small zip lock bag with some small gauze pads and stretch tape to keep cut held together and band aids. I've even seen black electrical tape used in an emergency.

3. While carving faces or heads a mirror was found to be helpful to reflect the opposite side of your carving to help keep ears etc. in the right place.

4. When working with wood that is either too hard or to soft, to achieve good detail, Use either de-natured alcohol or a 50/50 mix of rubbing alcohol and water applied to the area. Once the mixture is absorbed into the wood, I find that it cuts much more easily.
I don't think up all of these tips. I also share some of the club members ideas and these are presented at our regular monthly business meeting

Always remember Safety First