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Suncoast Woodcarvers
Competition Form

Level of Competition: Please circle the level of competition in which you wish enter.
Novice     Intermediate      Advanced      Open

Category and type: Please circle the category(s) and type(s) you wish to enter.

1. Animal (realistic): a. Domestic b. Wildlife c. abstract
2. Birds: a. shore birds b. song birds c. game birds d. raptors
3. Caricatures: a. human b. animal
4. Marine life: a. fish b. mammals c. reptiles
5. Human: a. realistic b. abstract
6. Mythological: dragons, gnomes, woodsprites, etc.
7. Relief
8. Wood turning
9. Canes and walking sticks
10.Miscellaneous: boats, cars, planes, intarsia
11 . Pyrography
12. Cottonwood bark
10. Chip Carving
You may also enter a carving in the open class and the Peoples' Choice. As before the Peoples' Choice will be displayed on tables separate from the competition. Please list your carvings below in the spaces provided. Please give your $5.00 entry fee to the competition committee at the time of submission. Cash or checks payable to Suncoast Woodcarvers. Registration will take place at the Rec Center from 8:30 AM until 5:00 PM on Friday Jan. 16 and 8:00 AM to 8:30 AM on Sat. Jan. 17. Judging will begin at 9:00 AM. You may turn in this form to John Roush or Bill Dewald at anytime prior to registration or at the time of registration. Description Category Type Example: Sitting bear Animal (Realistic) Wildlife

Carving Category Type
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Name ____________________________________________